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D2C Brands

Plunge into the premier gathering of leading D2C experts and get the best out of the enabler ecosystem. Gather the right expertise, exchange ideas, and build partnerships that matter.


Participate in the most collaborative D2C networking event and be a factor in the D2C growth. Share optimization tips and more as we build and create a growth path for D2C brands.


Be an expert on the round table. Get access to event participants data, 4 passes for self and 8 for D2C founders, and co-sponsor branding on all communications.

Event Spotlights


Bengaluru Edition


New Delhi
Zorba, Sultanpur 23rd July 2022
5 PM Onwards


Coming to your city soon


This is where modern entrepreneurs meet experience. Make new contacts, find new leads that help you create a sustainably scalable brand.

Group 120
Group 124

Roundtable Discussion

We are bringing a variety of perspectives to the common subject called D2C at every table. Grasp what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s working right now!

Get Your Pitch Right

Do you have a great project, idea or product that you want to pitch to an executive? Bring out that snappy, compelling, perfect pitch that finds you the right investment.


Meet, Mingle, Drink, Nibble.

Candid conversations and tons of advice. Join us for an evening of networking with leading experts of the D2C cosmos over dinner and drinks.

Our Experts

Praful Poddar,
SVP Product, Shiprocket
Apoorv Singhal,
Direct Growth, Shiprocket

Apoorv leads the D2C investments team at Shiprocket, with 9+ years of experience across consulting, business growth and marketing.

Aseem Goyal,
AVP Enterprise Sales, Shiprocket
Atyab Mohammad,
Co-founder & CTO, Wigzo Technologies
Navin Joshua,
Founder/Director, GreenHonchos
Shreedha Singh,
Co-founder & CEO,

T.A.C The Ayurveda Co.
Akash Anand
Akash Anand,
Founder & CEO, Bella Vita Organic
Pratik Pandya
Pratik Pandya,
VP of Sales, Vajro
Jitesh Agarwal
Jitesh Agarwal,
CEO, WallMantra